Christoph’s Top 3 Craft Books On Writing & Other Pretentious Bullshit

Because I am so prolific and brilliant; I decided to share my writing secrets which is really just reading the hell out of 3 craft books and talking to this director dude at a diner for brunch on Saturdays.

Character & Preimse

This book is great. It is a keep in the bathroom kind of book. My drummer actually brought some chick home and they did cocaine off of it, which was kind of awesome, but he should have used my Sylvia Plath Book of Poems instead (that would have been poetic).

This book has much more utility than doing cocaine off it, it really helps you figure out character and premise. It gives you steps to know your character on every level. When you know your character inside & out (physical, psychological, sociological) his/her actions will make a lot more sense and if you can combine the characters choices with the premise which creates good plot you might have something pretty interesting and good to read.


Yeah, that old bastard knows what he is talking about. This book still works and basically gives some great info on craft. As a musician, I would describe the stuff as playing to a metronome–it is not fun but needed to improve your timing and get discipline. This book echoes the need for writers to provide sentence structure and why A goes to B type to keep the story readable and to make sense.


3 Acts. 3 Acts. 3 Acts. I have read so many books where the beginning is great and then in the middle we wonder or the writer has the 2/3’s of the book so good but then your like ‘damn where is this going’ and the writer seems to wonder the same damn thing and we get some idiotic ending that I don’t believe or it just ends on a whimper. All this can be fixed with 3 Act Structure and this book simplifies it so well.

Quick Note on Style: Read a lot of fucking books, work at a porn store, do drugs and drink in your youth, and sleep with women or men that make you feel bad in a spiritual sense and you will find a style. To see if any of this true you can read my book coming in Feb 2013 The Passion of the Christoph.



One Comment on “Christoph’s Top 3 Craft Books On Writing & Other Pretentious Bullshit”

  1. jessicalle November 19, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    Well, I’ve got style at least.

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