The Costco Couple

The Coscto Couple
helping each other
out, giving shoulder
rubs while they wait,
switching lines so
they can get home
sooner, cook dinner,
have Saturday night
sex, and drift off
falling to sleep to
Saturday Night Live.

They’re both nice &
attractive, making
sure to buy full
stocks of fish oil
& skin moisturizer
next to their 24
pack of Sun Chips.

Even with the stress
of the old lady taking
forever they find a way
to smile and enjoy each
other as the husband
compliments her slection
of sundresses and jeans.

They don’t have ambition;
no checking the I-Phone for
work emails, no overflow of
passion to make out while
they look up the price of
the old ladies bluberries.

There is only a comfort
and trust between the two
that will never inspire
any epic love poems, but
they will have obituaries
that most of us will envy.



One Comment on “The Costco Couple”

  1. sonofwalt May 28, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    This is an outstanding piece. It gave me shivers at the end. This is so good, showing more than it tells. I just had to read it to my bf, who was astounded, and inspired to start playing at the piano. Thanks for your help with a lovely evening. 🙂

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