Wet Pillow Writes Emo Song While Listening to CNN

If not familiar with the musical power house Wet Pillow please click on the link below to learn the origin of the greatest emo-band of Orlando, Florida.


In 2006, Wet Pillow smoked a bowl and left on the news trying to write a hit emo song…they never made it to the 2nd verse:

Stephanie Gassed My Heart

Verse 1

Stephanie decided

To break up with me

It was a preemptive

Strike of brutality.

My heart fell like

Saddam’s statue

The Weapon of

Mass destruction,

I found it;

It’s you…Stephanie.


My heart pains & starves,

Like Iraqi children

In heart-hunger,

Our love came to an end

Without your kisses,

I’m tortured & wear black

I’m left with regret,

I wish I didn’t look at a rack…

Chorus x2

I looked at a rack

And you won’t take me back

It was an imminent threat

For me to stare at her chest

Oh, my Stephanie,

I know our love died

but you have to believe

I thought she was you in disguise.

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