A Poem by The Montana Zionist Foundation

How do you solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict?
A situation, no excuse me, a problem that
gives power to that fretful word
Quagmire, no, not the
pervert from Family guy,
a sticky situation. Israel had
some damn good real estate agents.
Land promised by God, then promised by the
British. In a sense God was an English man with
out the good manners, but a people pleaser
who had way to many chosen people &
unfortunately, there is no devil
to make a deal with. The
Palestinians just want a home
again and the Jews finally found
one, just it is in a really shitty-ass
neighborhood. If only the Jews could find
a true land of peace because it appears God
is holding back on a Messiah. No offense Jesus,
But I don’t think there’d be a Holocaust or pogroms
if you were really the Prince of Peace. But I
digress. Israel is free of Hitler and might
not have pogroms, but it is replaced by
suicide bombs. If only the Jews could
find somewhere else, because Israel
is no longer God’s National Park…
but then it hit me stronger than
all The Messages that Abraham & Moses got.
Send the Jews to Montana…oh yes, that Montana.
The one near Idaho? Yes, hear me out…the plan is
we do this like one those espionage Tom Clancy novels,
where Harrison Ford plays the lead character in the movie.
We makeup false historical documents up to be found in Israel.
Buy off the top scientists, archaeologists, and a few Rabbi’s
who will say that it was lost writing by Moses, no, no…
even better Abraham, who said that a day will come
where the Jews will have a new Israel called
Montana, in the land of prosperity where
they will be safe and some other
spiritual bullshit. There’s
plenty of space there,
it can be like St. Thomas,
with Mountains. A common wealth,
of security and there can be slogans
like: No More Gaza, move to Montana. No
Hamas, just wolves. Here’s the website please help & share.



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