Cowabunga: A Reworking of Mona Lisa

As someone who just wrote ‘The Infinite Jest of Picking Porn Titles’ I can support this low & high art mixing of Mona Lisa The Suicide Girl. Though I think which ever Ninja Turtle Artist did this would not support this piece, I think this is artistic evolution in the right direction. The Ninja Turtle Artists were very much trying to take the femininity out of art and subject it to masculine will.#1 Mona Lisa was really one of the Ninja Turtle Artist’s way of dealing with his fear of the female form and putting that fear into his art where he could feel safe. Someone would see this as the decline of high art but I see it as a 21st century showing its artistic identity that everything has been done but yet we are still striving to make something new by building on the work of the masters.


1. Sexual Personae by Camile Pagilia


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