It’s My Blog & I’ll Promote My Band If I Want To

What up Christophians, something different for today. If you read the title I’d prefer if you sing it like the 60’s Motown song that was featured in the bad ginger kid movie.

As many of you know I am a dual artist: writer & musician. It is kind of awesome and it kind of sucks. I get the highs and lows of both genres. I have realized that in the beginning when you are young (you will see what I actually look like, I look like 16 years old with faux-hawk) you get more lows. You still have a day job or in school and really have no life.

The truth is you play and write because you love it; yes you want to make money, yes you want chicks or hot dudes (shot out to The Donna’s, those chicks are cool) but in the end you do it because the idea of people not hearing your songs or reading your words is a worst feeling than the exhaustion and shrinkage you get from a 40 hour work week (that is how you pay for a practice space), 15 hours of practice/writing, and the rest is just resting or sneaking more writing in. It is what it is…if you want an easy secure well-rested life than don’t be a writer/musician.

But enough of my pity party (besides isn’t misery and isolation good for artists?) probably, but in keeping in line with the Motown Song above saying “I’ll cry if I want to.” I will state I do not really cry when I want to but I am very influenced by the early 60’s Motown sound. It was those melodies my parents would always play and the guitar sound of 90’s alt-rock that I heard on MTV at like six years old (my grandma would put on MTV when she babysat me, she was awesome and cooked bomb ass Italian food) that influenced what I wanted to do with my own music. The older I got and the more music I heard I still came back to those two genres, and realized I wanted to find a way to have Seattle meet Motown–Sea-Town.

I liked rap music a lot too and being kind of a fuck up as a teen (I went to military school, teenage rehab, and as many of you know; I managed a porn store) lead me to want to sing and write about the stuff that rappers not rockers (at least not the present day ones) talk about: sex, drugs, depression, & society fucking people, but I also the wanted to find something more in life than those things that fill the void: love, spiritual fulfillment, and contentment. We live in screwed up times of extremes and I wanted to make music to reflect that…the bargin I made with myself as songwriter & performer is I won’t ever hold back, I’ll always be honest and show the worst and best of myself, and listeners can take it or leave it.

With that said here are 3 songs from our First Live Show all based on my own experiences and real people: Shavona, Rachel, & My Paradise

I am excited to keep playing these, keep getting tighter, and record them for an EP and then an album. We will be recording soon, keep on a look out.


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