Hippie Hypocrites & Their Stupid Kids: A Misanthropic Limerick

69’ Died, but we got cell phones,
Charged with Purple Haze, cool ring-tones
As we found Disco, sprinkled it with coke,
And San Francisco went up in black smoke
As Free Love is replaced with my pornography
So my children don’t get any pesky STD
But hey, I marched in DC, I believed in something,
But now I’m worried about gays fucking
So I drive my Minnie Van, listen to the news man,
Conformed and became a nice little rules man
But I once wore tied eye, now I wear Old Navy,
I voted for Bush, and think the left is crazy
As I wave my flag, and cheer for Iraq
And feel pride that we got rid of the draft.

Five to one, no it’s one in five,
Of generation y, believes free speech should die.
But Emo is so fun, and my hair’s so gelled,
Damn I look brave, but I’m scared as hell
I watch my MTV, I dress like Britney,
I fuck like Paris, and embrace conformity
I rebel against rebellion, majority rules is what I tell’em,
Thinking has become so lame & disgust’n…as I lean back…
And do the Rocawear, while they blow up time-square,
I live in a time where fear is everywhere
So I close my mind, put down my flag,
Watch Static Shit, and listen to punk rock on the rag
But I got my Simple Plan, I know me a dope man,
He’s got a MD and white as a snow man
The terrorists, they have already won,
Because their future enemy is so fucking dumb.


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