God Took My Parking Space

Man is at his worst and most vulnerable,
when he feels unsafe. Nothing exacerbates
that feeling more than the University
of Central Florida Parking space quest—
specifically, between the time of Noon
and One O’Clock. No other action causes
man to gain or lose faith in a Higher Power.

You say you’re a Christian or a Muslim or
a Buddhist, or even a Nihilist, but I’ve seen
Christians curse God, for smiting them
with no parking. Their crosses shinning
from the hot sun, Reflecting God’s
indifference as their faces turn red as Hell.

A Buddhist has to wonder when the spots
are filled, if Karma Caught him in the
parking lot. He can only accept the
first noble truth that life is suffering,
and must give up the attachment to the
parking space and follow the 8 Fold Path.

What about the kid in black with his books
in the back seat featuring French and German
writers who talk about how fucked we are–how lonely
and meaningless & absurd our existence is—-
yet, he feels gratitude finding that last space,
secretly thanking some non-existent entity.

Even the Secular Humanist feels saddened by this state.
Their animal side comes out, as they stalk their prey
following some ditzy sorority girl that leads them to her
spot where they can trounce on it. The taste of luck,
is the new hunt–prey evolving into parking spaces.

Maybe Psychologists have it right; they say God is a way
to deal with fear, and how we perceive our fathers.
Maybe this parking space reminds us of the toy car daddy
didn’t buy us–him not showing up when we needed Him most.

Is this parking space a new rejection?
Are we experiencing abandonment
Between noon and one O’ clock?
Or is there just too many cars
And never enough spaces?



One Comment on “God Took My Parking Space”

  1. Monique Antonette Lewis March 10, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    Wow Christoph, this was beautifully written and not only can I relate to it on the surface, that agonizing moment of searching for a parking space on campus during lunch, but also the idea that we are flawed through and through, despite our religious or pious values that we uphold. I like that you take everyday moments and connect it to a psychological and spiritual meaning underneath.

    I’m so happy to see you keep up the writing. I bookmarked your blog!!!

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