History: A Poem For President’s Day

History can be a headless horsemen,
Sent to plastic surgeons instead of policemen.
As clues are clawed by curdled coincidences
that contort until they are clean and clairvoyant.

But I only see humans
withering out of the womb into war
ready to fight for or against:
Status, Convenience, Quality, God, and Obligation…

Washington, hoped for war;
Where he could conquer his ambition.
Wal-Mart fought for convenience—destroying quality.
The Jews fought for Yahweh
while the Romans road strong for Rome.

Individuals alleviating alienation through atrocities,
single men obligated to dreams, drowned in destiny
creating questions we have closest to quests.
What if the Yankee’s drafted Castro?
What if Hitler got into art school?
Would someone have taken their place?


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