At Least I Get You < In My Art

At least I get you in my art…

That song i wrote: my one and only love song ‘Rachel’, yeah, it’s about you. My drummer says it’s gay but even he admits it is a great song. In the verse, our hearts weigh the same and in the chorus I’m not leaning forward as we look at each other from an equal distance. The song ends like a soccer match: with no penalty kicks and the score tied 1 to 1.

But we both hate soccer and are football fans of rival teams. In real life, we end up in overtime and you always get the coin flip. No matter how much I try to win that heart of yours: you’re just too fast, too strong, and I always lose.

But not in that YA novel I am going to revise; it will have a new ending–he gets the girl. She is tall like you and just as cute & goofy, but not as scared or unsure. Joey Caldo, my teen-me-character with all my exaggerated flaws and authenticity I wish I had goes through heartbreak and hell, but he and the audience get rewarded because he gets you. In the final pages you pick him because even with all his flaws you see you love him and know he is the right guy for you.

But in real life my passion for you is not art; no, it is a math problem I can’t solve…until I am ten years old all over again learning about the Symbol Greater Than or Less Than. You gave me the answer when I told you, ‘there’s nothing missing with you; you are what I’ve been looking for’. But you didn’t respond to me, you stayed silent as pity appeared in your eyes and your shadow turned into a cruel alligator–its mouth opening toward you while turning its back on me.



2 Comments on “At Least I Get You < In My Art”

  1. Patricia Florio February 9, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    When we’re writing, we can conquer the world.

  2. David aka steve February 19, 2012 at 6:02 am #

    nice metaphors

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