Spooning While Steve Urkel Turns Into Stefan Urquelle: A Love Letter

I’m watching the Family Matters episode where Urkel turns into Stefan Urquelle. It really is quite profound as it deal with the existential issues of authenticity and genetic engineering which are my concerns for the 21st century.

You are fast asleep, your body still next to mine; you are so cute when you sleep. I felt really at peace holding you close. I am strangely not tired, hence me writing you a letter at 6:24 in the morning. I am gonna head out soon, get some breakfast, wash up cause I have to be at The Brooklyn Book Festival at 9:00 to get tickets.

It’s now the 3rd Act and Laura has decided that she misses the real Steve, as Stefan he is very drunk on swag and high self-esteem, but this troubles Laura and soon it troubles him. He takes the uncool gene elixir and returns to being Urkel, because he doesn’t want to lose her–it is a touching self-sacrifice.

It’s now over; he is Urkel again and I should go. I’m gonna head out, find a cab cause I don’t know how to take the subway…hey, before I go you need to know that I loved talking to you last night. I always do.

And one last thing, I know you don’t believe it, but your are good enough to be a fiction writer. I want the best for you and I do think you’re special–as a writer and as a woman.

PS You are my Laura, and I’m done with all the Myra’s.



One Comment on “Spooning While Steve Urkel Turns Into Stefan Urquelle: A Love Letter”

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