Seeking Female Bass Player/Back Up Vocalist 4 The Black Keys Meets The Pixies Band

This is my real Craigslist Add. This is not a Satire Piece. I am busy writing this blog, doing music, and writing a fucking novel it’s not like I have bunch of time to meet a shitload of people. If you know people in the NYC area then please share.

What up chica, I’m Christoph the singer & guitarist of the band The Only Prescription. It is my self and my drummer Baron. We are from Florida but I moved up here last year and pulled a Bon Iver and wrote an album by myself in my little studio apartment. We don’t actually like Bon Iver at all but the metaphor felt right.

So I called my old Florida drummer and said, “I finally wrote that great album I always said I would. Move the fuck up here.” He did #boom.

We got ourselves a nice practice space in Bushwick near Grand on the L and have been going over the songs (over and over again) and we realize we need a female vocalist. I am a baritone and can hit some high notes but it needs that higher register to give them that right layer (think when The Kills harmonize or if you are more Indie The XX).

We got an album worth of great material and the goal of playing live 8 song sets that are all killer no filler (we don’t like Sum 41 either but the reference felt right), but we need that right bass player. In time we will get a lead guitar but for now we want to get the bass player who will solidify (I read a lot and I think using that term shows I am probably at least a decent songwriter) this band.

Baron and I do not take ourselves very seriously and joke around all time but we do take our craft seriously and we believe in practicing and treating this like our job (second, I got a day job). Willingness to practice and feeling passionate about our songs and wanting to get them down and play them live are the only real requirements.

We do prefer that you think The Academy Is and Taking Back Sunday kind of stuff sucks. . . and that Queens of the Stone Age are awesome but those are not deal breakers, but seriously if you like Emo or boring indie rock we are probably not the band for you


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