Lattes and Deuteronomy: Friday Night at Barnes & Nobles

I always wondered what nice Christian girls do on Friday nights, but the answer is to my left as I see them read The Bible at Barnes and Nobles. It’s foursome get together: drinking Lattes and reading Deuteronomy. I am not judging, I am just jealous. I am here all alone; at least they got Jesus. The girlfriend went away; I sadly wonder if she is my Jesus.

When your significant other goes away and you realize you have no friends, you feel like a fool. I’m Judas with a faux hawk.

We we’re supposed to move. Supposed be gone by now, but she had an extra-semester and stayed. I stayed for her. I couldn’t leave her behind. The Evangelicals, they love that book—Left Behind. They live their life for The rapture. Waiting for it. I am now just waiting for my girlfriend to get home. Both of us are kind of pathetic, but both of us found love in something—even if it’s false.

Shit, whatever, both us need to put down the mocha lattes and have some stiff drinks. But we are the waiters, not living life in the moment. I am waiting to move, their waiting for apocalypses, and everyone else is having a better Friday night.



One Comment on “Lattes and Deuteronomy: Friday Night at Barnes & Nobles”

  1. Adrianna February 14, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    Cool blog!

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