Scalping and Sexual Selection: Extra Ticket for The National Show

When scalping an extra ticket for one of your favorite bands you face the harsh truth of Darwinian sexual selection or what some call ‘game theory’: you want to get your money back for the ticket, but you want to share it with someone who you will get along and who will also really share your passion for the show, but if you don’t sell it, you are out of money and you go alone to an empty seat. It’s the Savannah Principle (Wikipedia it) and it is pretty brutal, as you are waiting and searching…

I finally met this one dude who wanted the ticket but for half as much as I paid for; he was also kind of a tool who wasn’t even that into the band. This was after 15 minutes and that is when you start to feel worried, and think ‘shit I don’t want to miss the opening band even if they’ll probably suck’. But I had to stick with my standards and said, ‘no, sorry man.’

I waited another 10 minutes and found this one dude around my age; I got a good feel, I could tell he was into the band but there still was the price at hand. We haggled for a little bit and I ended up getting 5 dollars less than what I paid for. I gave up a little but it was worth it; the dude was cool as fuck, another writer, and even new the damn lyrics (an important quality for seeing a concert with somebody). We became friends, exchanged numbers, and we will hang again. So yeah, for tonight in the brutal Hobbesian world of ticket scalping I did pretty well…is there any moral to the story? Yeah there is: give a little bit but keep your standards even if it means you might lose it all.


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